Hello & welcome to the RISD Graphic Design Class of 2016 Senior Show (Unlimited Edition) catalog! What you see in this catalog (and corresponding show) is the aftermath of three years of really, really intense Graphic Designing. Yes, Graphic Designing books, Graphic Designing posters, Graphic Designing websites, Graphic Designing videos, even Graphic Designing exhibitions. However, the final accumulation spread out across the Woods–Gerry gallery is, at best, an incomplete cross–section of our efforts, and at worst, a superficial tip of our iceberg. You see, to us, Graphic Design is not just a collection of things on walls, screens or even pedestals to be glanced over at an opening you're only attending for the free beer. It is a way of saving the world, seeing the glass as half of a glass, maintaining personal integrity, solving problems, chicken soup for the soul, running away from problems, and perhaps most of all, lengthy, deep, deep (deep) investment in the way things are experienced.

To this end, we're giving you our Unlimited Editions to investigate in your own space and in your own time, over & over. To intentionally engage the things in the way we intend the things to be engaged. To read texts instead of seeing them, look at posters for longer than 5 seconds, maybe even to decorate your bookshelf (because really, what higher purpose can Graphic Design serve?)

We like to act as if Graphic Designing things is really hard, and that Graphic Designers are pretty special because we can do it and no one else can. If you press us, though, we’ll admit that it's not really true. Graphic Design is not hard, everyone does it, even if they know it by a hundred other names (fonts, memes, Powerpoint, etc). Graphic Design is a simple loop: Look —> Make decisions —> Repeat. Graphic Design has been inside of you all along! We do it, Kanye does it, you do it, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Senior Show Team: Lukas Eigler, Tim Plummer, Ben Ross, Valerie Nelson, Barron Webster, Kevin Cadena, Swati Chopra, Polina Godz, Jonathan Rinker, Chaoqun Wang, Elizabeth Goodspeed, Brian Hicks, Delaney Weber, Alexa Terfloth, Will Urmston